Blu-Mol® Xtreme Bi-Metal Hole Saws


Blu-Mol Xtreme Bi-Metal Hole Saw
1-7/8" depth of cut
M3 bi-metal construction
Solid steel backing plate (no drive plate needed)
4/6 variable tooth, positive 10° geometry for fast cutting
3/16" thick heavy duty backing plate
Wide slot design on side walls and backing plate for increased visibility while cutting
Large openings provide easy removal of cut materials, easy plug ejection


Sharper, longer lasting teeth
Faster cutting
Smoother cuts
Eliminates need for drive plate


Shock resistant teeth
Resists tooth strippage
Less vibration
Heavy duty backing plate eliminates drive hole elongation


Holes for pipe and tubing installations, door lock installations, electrical conduit, hoses, and antennas
Ideal for plumbing, construction, aircraft, electrical, maintenance, and automotive applications
Use in stainless steel, aluminum, brass, cast iron, plastic, or wood