Cleveland Twist Drill Q Series Drills

Cleveland Twist Drill's Q Series drills are designed to operate at penetration rates up to 5 times that of conventional high speed twist drills in carbon steel, alloyed steel and stainless steel. This is made possible through a combination of a unique flute shape together with controlled point geometry, Q PM Coolant Feeding Drill - TiNwhich promotes exact chip formation and subsequent chip breakage.

The Q Series' tighter hole size control, within .0015", enables the elimination of most reaming operations.

The controlled point geometry of the Q Series drill is reproducable on conventional pointing/notching equipment. Unlike other high penetration rate drills, the additional expense of dedicated regrinding equipment or limited regrinding services is not needed.

Features   Benefits

Vs. Conventional Twist Drills:

Optimized point and flute geometry Continuous broken chips easily removed at higher penetration rate
Greater cross-sectional area More rigidity in the cut
TiN coated Improved chip ejection, tool life and hole size control to .0015"
Coolant feeding Q PM style Aids chip ejection at higher penetration rates in deeper holes
Powder metal HSS with cobalt added Better edge retention and longer tool life
Set screw shank where needed Prevents drill slippage at higher penetration rates

Vs. High Penetration Rate Drills:

Controlled conventional point Regrindable on conventional equipment with no edge prep for Q PM and simplified edge prep for Q Carbide