Cleveland Twist Drill PM Plus Series 539 Finishing End Mills


Quiet, Chatterless Machining and Maximum Tool Life for Finishing Applications in Aluminum and Mild Steel


The PM Plus Series 539 Aluminum Finisher is a great follow up to Cleveland's Series 538 aluminum rougher. It features a unique combination of proprietary powder metal substrate material, a geometry of flute form, rake face, and end gash designed to efficiently machine aluminum, and TiCN coating to enable the cutter to run at higher speeds with extended tool life. These improvements result in a new, efficient, economical tool for finishing aluminum parts.

The benefit of using this tool stems from its rugged endurance and long lasting performance. Unlike conventionally ground tools, the Series 539 has a special edge preparation for smoother cutting action without being too aggressive, virtually eliminating the problems of conventional tools digging into the corners or sidewalls of the part.

Save time and money and assure consistency by ordering tools manufactured with Cleveland's unique CNC ground corner radius. They are available from stock in commonly required aircraft sizes of .060", .090", and .120", and are supplied with Cleveland's high performance TiCN coating.

The Series 539 is designed to provide exceptionally long tool life while operating at higher speeds (up to 3250 SFPM). The result is a tool that is far superior to its competition. It is available in both right and left hand cutting designs with or without TiCN coating to meet your operating requirements. If you're looking to bridge the performance gap between HSS and solid carbide, the Series 539 is the tool for you. This is an excellent alternative to more expensive carbide tools that often don't hold up to rigorous machining conditions, especially in larger diameters.

Improve your bottom line by specifying the tool designed to keep your machine producing quality parts... the PM Plus Series 539 from Cleveland Twist Drill.

  • Special proprietary powder metal material
  • 3-Flute, center cutting geometry
  • Available standard in R.H. and L.H. cut
  • High helix, high shear cutting for smoother chip flow and reduced cutting forces
  • Special end geometry for improved performance in ramping and plunging
  • Requires less torque and horsepower
  • Reduced machining time
  • Reduced overall cost
  • Corner radius design available as standard