Cleveland Twist Drill PM Plus End Mills

Since their introduction, Cleveland's PM Plus end mills have significantly reduced manufacturing costs in a wide range of materials. In test after production test, from stainless steel to titanium, PM Plus has outperformed the competition.


The optimum combination of tool geometry and exceptional powder metal material provides the basis for all PM Plus products. Free cutting geometry to reduce torque requirements and increase toughness via their unique powder metal provides products specially suited for machining work hardening and gummy materials. Feed rate increases of 700% have been documented in production tests.

Series Number

510 2-Flute Regular Length Finisher Bright/TiN/TiCN
533 3-Flute High Helix Regular Length Finisher Bright/TiN/TiCN
571 3-Flute High Helix Long Length Finisher Bright/TiN/TiCN
575 Multi-Flute Stub Length Finisher Bright/TiN/TiCN
553 Multi-Flute Regular Length Finisher Bright/TiN/TiCN
579 Multi-Flute Long Length Finisher Bright/TiN/TiCN
552 4-Flute Double End Finisher Bright/TiN/TiCN
554 4-Flute Ball End Bright/TiN/TiCN
578 Multi-Flute Coarse Pitch Rougher Bright/TiN/TiCN
503 Multi-Flute Coarse Pitch Ball End Rougher Bright/TiN/TiCN
505 Multi-Flute Fine Pitch Ball End Rougher Bright/TiN/TiCN
538 3-Flute High Helix Modified Knuckle Rougher Bright/TiN/TiCN
539 3-Flute High Helix Finisher Bright/TiN/TiCN