Widia GTD

Widia GTD (formerly Greenfield) Indexable Thread Mills


Thread Mill Holders

Indexable Thread Mills:

Produce coarse threads using minimal horsepower.
Allow low cost thread production for small lot runs.
Produce internal or external, right or left hand threads with same tool holder.
Produce single or multiple lead threads.
Control pitch diameter or size to within 0.0001".
Produce 100% thread form height to UN specifications.

Style Features:

Indexable thread mills are available in one, two and four flute styles.
All indexable holders feature precision milled pockets so inserts are aligned for accurate thread form production.
Holders with matching inserts are available to produce threads from 48 UN to 3 threads per inch.
Indexable thread mills can mill threads in materials up to 62 Rc hardness.


Indexable Thread Mill Inserts

Thread Mill Inserts:

Are ground to CNC tolerances for exact repeatability.
Have positive cutting geometry for smoother cuts.
Have chamfered side, secure locking in dovetail pocket.
Single screw and fixed pocket design, no presetting.
Feature 100% thread form geometry.

Produce most accurate thread form in the industry.

Style Features:

One grade machines all materials.
Precision ground inserts and milled pockets ensure accurate thread form alignment with 2 & 4 flute holders.
Inserts are available to produce threads from 48 to 3 threads per inch.
Thread mill inserts can produce threads in materials up to 62 Rc hardness.