Widia GTD

Widia GTD (formerly Greenfield) Thread Mills

Greenfield Industries High Performance Thread MillsWidia GTD (formerly Greenfield) thread mills achieve greater precision and higher speeds, opening up a whole new range of threading production options. One tool cuts both right and left hand threads in internal and external applications. You can operate at up to 40% higher feed rates and still expect up to 50% longer tool life. When using indexable thread mills, tooling and inventory costs are significantly reduced. All of which can add up to productivity increases as high as 500%.


Consider thread milling when:

Taper pipe threads are being produced.
The material is difficult to machine (e.g. high temperature alloys and heat treated materials up to 62 Rc).
The machine has helical interpolation and RPM greater than 6,000.
Thread specifications require special taps.
Usable threads are required to within 1 pitch of the bottom of the hole or counterbore.
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