Bi-Metal M3000 M42 Bandsaw Blades

Blades are available in coils or welded to length in lengths from 9' to 30'.

Aggressor Bi-Metal M3000 M42 Bandsaw Blade

  • Bi-metal construction
  • M-42 high speed steel cutting edge
  • Tooth edge contains 8% cobalt•Tooth hardness Rc 67-69
  • Duplex tooth design
  • High positive rake angle
  • Specially engineered relief angle
  • Variable teeth
  • 10° rake, positive tooth form
  • Longer blade life
  • High productivity
  • Faster cutting rates
  • Straighter cuts
  • Efficiently cuts exotic materials
  • Heat and wear resistant
  • More aggressive action for easier chip formation
  • Variable pitch eliminates harmonic vibration
  • Greater beam strength
  • Production sawing of exotic materials such as Inconels, Monels, Hastalloys, Hi-Alloys, titanium, and more