M4000 M42 (Heavy Set) Bandsaw Blades

Blades are available in coils or welded to length in lengths from 5' to 30'.
Aggressor M4000 M42 Bandsaw Blade
  • Bi-metal construction
  • High speed steel cutting edge
  • Tooth edge contains 8% cobalt
  • Wider tooth set
  • Creates extra clearance
  • Greater heat and wear resistance
  • Cuts at greater speeds and feeds
  • Avoid blade pinching in structurals
  • Heat resistant
  • Higher productivity
  • General purpose blade ideal for the interrupted cutting of low carbon steel, mild steel, 8620 tubing, and A36 structural steel
  • Recommended for cutting I-beams, angle iron, channel iron, mixed solid bar, structurals, and bundle cutting of pipe and tube