Lexington Cutter

Lexington Cutter is a privately held company that celebrated its 70th year as a cutting tool manufacturer in 2017. Originally the company was located in Long Island, New York. In 1987 Lexington Cutter was purchased by Paul J. Enander, and subsequently moved to Bradenton, Florida. They are a manufacturer of quality precision carbide-tipped and solid carbide cutting tools. Their products are used primarily in metal removal. Additional uses are found in high abrasion materials such as fiberboard, resins and some plastics. They pride themselves as a leader in manufacturing, striving for excellence in every tool.

A large portion of their standard product is stocked in semi-finished as well as finished state. This expedites simple modifications into customer specific specials for quick deliveries. They also manufacture special solid carbide and carbide-tipped tools to customers' specifications. Their high quality tools have made them an excellent choice for the automotive and aerospace industries. The demand for special NAS (National Aerospace Specification) reamers for the aerospace industry was so great that in 1995 they added the NAS 897 C specification reamers to their standard product line. Their product line exceeds 20,000 line items with over 95% of the items in stock in several warehouses around the United States to ensure the fastest deliveries possible.

Lexington Cutter, Inc. is an ISO certified company. They are committed to continuous improvement in order to provide the necessary tools, equipment and working environment to deliver high quality products that meet or exceed the expectations of their customers. Their factory houses over 100 machines tooled for the production of standard and specialty tooling. Lexington combines many well know manufacturing techniques such as Setup Reduction, Total Quality Management, Lean Production, Baka-Yoke, and Cellular Manufacturing into a production environment that thrives on high quality and continuous improvement. Lexington Cutter's staff would not have it any other way.

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