Mastercut Tool

In 2013, Mastercut Tool Corp. is pleased to announce their 27th anniversary as a quality manufacturer. Over the years, their goals and aspirations have stayed true. They strive to provide the highest quality products, unparalleled service, and competitive prices to their customers, while offering unique advantages to the cutting tool industry. All products are manufactured in their Florida facility, using state of the art CNC grinding equipment, skilled craftsmanship, and high quality control standards. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, they take pride in their consistent quality and are proud to offer their customers the largest imperial and metric line of burs available, along with a full line of end mills, routers, dental lab burs, and other cutting tools, both standards and specials. Mastercut Tool Corp. is extremely proud of the systems in place to benefit the environment, such as recycling water and grinding oil in the manufacturing processes, as well as implementing a paperless order entry and invoicing system, and recycling packing materials, aluminum cans and paper.

The Mastercut Team consists of more than 100 employees, all of whom contribute to the successes of the company. At Mastercut, they deeply value the strength which diversity brings to their workforce. Proud that their employees represent many backgrounds, and they are committed to developing and maintaining an environment where the contributions of every employee, customer and vendor are respected. They take pride in their multilingual staff and the ability to speak fluent English, Spanish, French and Italian. This commitment is reinforced by their ongoing efforts in the areas of employment and promotion, training, customer relations, and community involvement. Mastercut Tool Corp.'s successful history comes from a commitment by all associates to satisfy customer needs, with a willingness to transform and adapt. Company representatives believe that success and growth will continue as long as they are unrelenting in the pursuit of quality and total customer satisfaction. Dedicated team members continually work together improving the quality of our products and services, while offering competitive pricing. This truly represents the values and ideals of Mastercut Tool Corp.