The New Tech Cutting Tools family of companies have been manufacturing application specific, standard, and custom high performance tooling in the Seattle area since 1960. For decades they have been called upon by industry leaders to develop machining “solutions” for their toughest applications and to excel beyond their previous machining capabilities. The 2012 ENDMILL HANDBOOK is an offering of those high performance solutions, heavily stocked to serve your most difficult machining needs! SwiftCARB manufactures in controlled batch sizes to ensure the quality and consistancy of their products by using the industry’s most precise and efficient manufacturing equipment to grind only the highest quality tungsten carbide blanks available.

We invite you to try their tools and see what sets them apart from their competitors. From one-off R&D projects to the longest run production jobs, they have engineered solutions to decrease cycle times while improving tolerances and finishes which all lead to profitability.

Special Order Tools

New Tech has the expertise, equipment, and personnel to design and manufacture customized cutting tools to meet your special requirements. In most cases, they can deliver special-order carbide end mills with in 48 hours. Contact us for price quotes.


Brind new life to your old cutting tools with New Tech's fast, reliable regrinding services. They use precise, CNC grinding to create a brand new cutter from your used end mill. The result: no loss of critical geometry that is ground away with manual resharpening. Tools remanufactured to CNC specs perform as good or better than new cutters. They regrind carbide and high speed steel end mills, tool bits, reamers, broaches, saws, milling cutters, and more. Contact us for more information.