Coolant Ring System

"Black Gold" coolant ring and ER coolant collet

  • 1,500 PSI coolant pressure
  • Use standard, easy to find collets
  • Never replace expensive sealed collets again
  • No rubber seals to blow out under high pressure

Investment cost study figures show a savings of $6,060.00 over a four-year period using coolant ring system instead of buying expensive coolant collets. Figures are based on 20 toolholders, allowing 4 collets a year for each toolholder for a total of 320 collets, plus one nut for each toolholder over the four-year period.

  ER 32 Coolant Collet ER 32 Coolant Ring System
Cost of 320 collets $16,000 $8,640
Cost of 20 nuts $0 (come with holders) $1,300 (includes rings)
Total four year cost $16,000 $9,940
  $6,060 savings