Electronic Catalog Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost? Nothing. It's free for the asking.
How many items are available?

Currently there are over 250,000 items listed in the catalog, and we're adding more daily.

What kinds of items are available?

Most any type of cutting tool, including drills, end mills, taps, reamers, inserts, countersinks, counterbores, combined drill & countersinks, burs, thread mills, key seat cutters, and saws. Also included are work holding products, including collets and tool holders, and abrasive belts and discs.

What type of computer is required? Any PC that is capable of running Windows 95 or later. In order to directly transmit orders to us you will also need an e-mail connection.
How much free hard drive space is required? Roughly 50 MB.
Can I place orders using the Electronic Catalog? Yes. As you find items you wish to purchase, you may compile them into an order. Once your order is complete, simply click on the Transmit button and your order will automatically be transmitted to us (an e-mail connection or fax/modem is required for this).
Can I include non-stock or special-order items on the same order as standard catalog items?

Yes. The Electronic Catalog allows the user to enter in any item via part number and/or description. Simply type the information into your order.

I often order the same items repeatedly-- do I have to search for them each time I wish to purchase them? No. The Electronic Catalog features a "Favorites" list, which can be used to save frequently ordered items for later retrieval. Items we carry but which are not listed in the Catalog may also be saved in this manner for future ordering.
What if I try it and decide it's not for me? Simply uninstall it from your hard drive using the uninstall utility provided.