Cutting Tool Supply Electronic Catalog Lets You Easily Search Over 250,000 Products

The CTS Electronic Catalog greatly simplifies the process of finding and ordering the cutting tools and industrial supplies you need. Our proprietary search technique allows you to specify exactly the tool you're looking for, then lists all tools that match your criteria in just seconds and allows you to order them without having to pick up the phone. Think of the time you spend chasing down the cutting tools you need. Are you wasting valuable time...

... paging through 3-inch thick paper catalogs trying to find exactly the tool you're looking for?

See Step-By-Step How It Works!

... looking through multiple manufacturer catalogs for the specifications on their tools?
... using the wrong tool for the job because it's too much hassle to find the right tool?
... looking in a separate price book for prices?
... calling suppliers (and waiting) to check prices?
... looking up vendor part numbers?
... ordering the wrong tools due to incorrect part numbers or miscommunication over the phone?
... comparing tools from the same or different manufacturers, trying to find the best tool for your job?


With the CTS Electronic Catalog, the process is simple:

1. Use the simple search feature to find the item(s) you're looking for. Specifications and pricing information for every product is clearly listed for your convenience.
2. Add items you wish to order to your order form with one click of the mouse.
3. Transmit your order directly with one click of the mouse. Then move on to the next task in your busy schedule with the knowledge your order is being properly handled per your instructions (you will receive confirmation of your order).

If you've tried electronic catalogs from other suppliers, you may have come away unimpressed—even disappointed. Most companys' electronic catalogs offer little above and beyond their paper catalogs. Ours is faster and better—we make searching for and ordering cutting tools easy! Request your free copy today!