Indexable Drills

Deepest Drilling –Lowest Cost per Hole

METCUT Indexable DrillsMETCUT offers the most complete line of indexable drills, including both positive and negative rakes, double-feed drills, effective drilling depth-to-diameter ratios up to 7:1, and drilling diameters as small as 0.500" to as large as 3.500".

A leader and innovator in indexable drill technology, METCUT developed and marketed the world’s first truly functional indexable drills, and is still the only manufacturer of high performance, negative rake drills.

Positive Rake Drills

METCUT's helical flute design provides greater stability for deeper drilling, and larger flute openings for improved chip evacuation. Trochoid-shaped inserts have three cutting edges with superior edge strength compared to other positive rake insert designs.

Positive rake drills require less horsepower than negative rake drills. They can, therefore, be used on a wider range of machine tools. Also, positive rake drills provide better chip control when drilling in some materials such as high temperature alloys.

Double Feed Drills

METCUT double feed drills can help you decrease machining time and cut production costs. These revolutionary two effective-flute drills can help decrease machining time and cut production costs by allowing a feed rate that is double that of a conventional indexable drill. This line of indexable drills is the only one in the industry that offers 3:1, 5:1, and 7:1 depth-to-diameter ratios. This drill can be used to core holes and drill through stacked materials.

Negative Rake Drills

In applications where horsepower limitations and chip control are not problems, negative rake drills can offer significant cost savings. The square, titanium-coated carbide inserts have eight cutting edges, and the negative rake cutting edges are inherently stronger. Negative rake drills produce more holes per cutting edge and allow drilling at higher feed rates.

Spade Blade Drills

METCUT offers a complete line of straight shank and taper shank holders in both straight and helical flute geometries. Pipe threads are provided for through and side coolant connections.