Disston is a global manufacturer of hole saws, bandsaw blades, jig saw blades, reciprocating saw blades, drill bits, and other hand and power tool related accessories for the DIY, contractor and industrial markets. Its domestic operation is located in Chicopee, MA. The company also operates fabrication and production enterprises overseas. Disston's international manufacturing and distribution capabilities combined with its history and tradition as a brand leader in the tool category for over 165 years provide its customers the optimum blend of value, performance and integrity.

Product Index

Air Saw Blades


Bandsaw Blades

  Aggressor Bi-Metal M1000 M42

  Aggressor Bi-Metal M2000 M42

  Aggressor Bi-Metal M3000 M42

  Aggressor Bi-Metal M4000 M42

  Aggressor Matrix II

  Aggressor Friction Carbon

  Aggressor Hardback Carbon

  Aggressor Flexback Carbon

  RemGrit Carbide Grit Edge

Circular Saw Blades



Hacksaw Blades

  Blu-Mol Bi-Metal

  Blu-Mol Flexible Carbon

  RemGrit Carbide Grit Edge

Hole Saws and Accessories

  Blu-Mol Xtreme Bi-Metal

  Blu-Mol Bi-Metal

  Blu-Mol Carbide-Tipped

  Blu-Mol Carbon Steel

  Blu-Mol Sheet Metal

  Blu-Mol Tungsten Carbide-Tipped Hole Cutters

  RemGrit Carbide Grit Edge

  Mandrels & Accessories

Jig Saw Blades

  Blue-Mol Bi-Metal

  Blu-Mol Carbon

  RemGrit Carbide Grit

Portable Bandsaw Blades


Reciprocating Saw Blades

  Aggressor Bi-Metal

  RemGrit Carbide Grit Edge

Rod Saw Blades

  RemGrit Carbide