sPINner— Accessories

A. Magnetic Media: Stainless Steel Pin (sus304 with magnetic treatment)

Standard Media Sizes


Special Media Sizes


0.2 x 5mm 0.3 x 3mm
0.3 x 5mm

0.4 x 3mm

0.4 x 5mm 0.5 x 1mm
0.5 x 5mm 0.5 x 3mm
0.7 x 5mm 0.7 x 3mm
0.8 x 5mm 0.8 x 3mm
1.0 x 5mm 1.0 x 1mm
1.2 x 5mm 1.0 x 3mm
1.5 x 5mm  
  • Larger pins make the deburring power stronger. Choose larger pins for harder material. Hard material such as stainless steel, steel...etc, should use a diameter of stainless pin bigger than 0.5mm. For soft material such as brass, copper, aluminum or gold, choose a diameter of stainless pins smaller than 0.5mm. The power can be adjusted by the speed of the motor.
  • 3mm stainless pins will work better for small holes and crevices.
  • When deburring small holes, choose the diameter of stainless pin smaller than the hole.
  • The stainless pins are hardened to HRC 30, increasing durability and eliminating high media costs.


B. Deburring Solution PFS-747

deburring solutionFor all kinds of material. (Dilute with water for 50-100 times.)

The function of liquid PFS-747: Prevent rust, polishing, colling and cleaning.

Can also be used with steel and iron.

IF the temperature reaches 158F, the liquid must be changed or added. Heat will make the water evaporate.


C. Machining Base, Plastic Container

Machining Base (Tool Case)

16" x 19" x 14"

For EHD-728 only

22" x 34" x 14"

For EHD-766 only


Plastic Containers

9.5" x 11" 12" x 7.5" 7" x 7" x 7" 6" x 6" x 6"


Separating Container
7.5" x 6"