sPINner— Features

  • Fine finishes can be achieved without changing the tolerance of the part. Delicate parts, such as jewelry, are handled with care.
  • Small holes and slots are deburred easily where conventional rock media can't reach; for example, slotted collets or small cross holes in a part.
  • Zero load and unload times with the use of two buckets. Small parts can be deburred quickly and easily without hand separating the parts. A small strainer separates the media from the parts.
  • Grinding Times: Parts can be done in 3-25 minutes depending on the effect needed. Test parts can be done at our facility if requested and cycle times can be estimated.
  • Demagnetize: If parts are pulled from the machine as the disc is spinning the parts will be fully demagnetized.
  • Separating Media: Separating the media from the parts can be done easily by a special bucket that lets the media and the solution pass through leaving only parts in the strainer.

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