sPINner— Success Stories

Stampings for Credit Card Printer

One of many success stories for the sPINner machine is a company in San Diego which produces small stampings for a credit card printer. These stampings are approximately 0.014" thick and 1-1/4" square. The requirements of deburring this part were that the overall flatness had to be maintained from the original form and the small 0.030" holes in the stamping had to be deburred. Until recently, the company employed 10 people to hand deburred their small parts. The process was very time and labor intensive. Quality and consistency suffered due to employee turnover and manual limitations. The company saw the Techniks deburring and polishing machine at a machine tool show in California and they were fascinated at the process. They sent the parts to Techniks and the machine demonstrated great results. The machine yielded 200 parts every 3 minutes with perfect results. All of their parts are consistent and deburring is no longer the limiting factor in parts completion.

Bone Screws for the Medical Industry

Another success is a Colorado medical parts manufacturer that produces small titanium bone screws for the medical industry. The company was using a number of methods to debur their parts. Critical criteria for the customer were that the parts had to maintain the sharp tip and threads of the screw. Also, the surface of the piece could not be dented or changed in any way. The company now uses 9 Magnetic Deburring Machines to accomplish their deburring work. The company cites the ability to adjust the machines aggressiveness as reasons for the change and attributes the Techniks Deburring System with speeding overall production times and helping the company achieve a competitive advantage.

Bone Drill Manufacturer

Other medical devise manufactures such as bone drill manufactures have taken advantage of this technology also. Techniks recently had success on some stainless steel parts that is a union body medical valve. The customer had a part that had an ID hole of 0.010" through hole and needed the small burrs machined off but not damage the part in any way. Techniks used a .008" media to get into this through hole and deburred the sharp edges on both sides of the through hole. The company was previously hand deburring all of their parts because no technology was found to do the job that was needed.