Horizon Carbide Tool

Year after year, large and small companies call Horizon first for their threading, grooving, and finishing needs

The aerospace, automotive, and medical industries, electronics companies, manufacturing firms, and more have called Horizon a knowledgeable, dependable, trusted vendor, since 1988.

Horizon Carbide is an expert at producing inserts for tough to machine materials such as stainless steel, titanium, and other high temp alloys, as well as aluminum, steels, and plastics.

Their standard defined: premium quality, precision-engineered, CNC-ground inserts that exceed industry standard tolerances.

Just look at their strengths:
  • They stock hundreds of hard-to-find widths at reasonable prices.
  • They have groovers as small as .020" wide and .010" full-nose radii.
  • They stock .002" to .008" nose radii in most popular turning inserts.
  • Deeper depths of cut! Their standard notch style grooving inserts have longer back distanves than their competition. The "E" dimension listed is the actual depth of cut!
  • Expert, original tool design built within days, not months.