HPI Pioneer

HPI Pioneer has been in the metal cutting industry since 1973 contributing to the progress of the industry through the development and supply of the best quality products both in premier and standard product groups. Some of the products that they either manufacture or source from outside have supported the most sophisticated products out from Japan known for their unsurpassed edge in technology.

Their Mission

It is HPI Pioneer's renewed pledge that they will continue their conscientious efforts to supply their customers with the finest quality and most sophisticated tool holders and other products at competitive prices so that their customers can stay abreast in an ever-changing and competitive world. As you page through our web site, you will find products with the best in quality, performance and in technology that are available in the world today.

All of their products have uncompromising support and back-up, world-wide through their own world-wide organizations and in partnership with their overseas partners.

  • Tool Holders
    • BC Milling Chucks
    • DA Collets Chucks
    • DC Drill Chucks
    • EM End Mill Holders
    • ER Collet Chucks
    • JT Jacobs Taper Adapters
    • MA Morse Taper Adapters
    • MC Milling Chucks
    • MX Mini Chucks
    • PT Sync Tap Holders
    • QC Rigid Tap Holders
    • QC Tension/Compression Tap Holders
    • Stub Arbor Holders
    • Shrink Fit Holders
    • Shell Mill Holders
    • SX Collet Chucks
    • TB Test Bars
    • TG Collet Chucks
    • VX Mini Chucks
  • Collets
    • DA
    • ER
    • MC
    • MX
    • SX
    • TG
  • Quick Change Tap Adapters
    • RA Rigid Adapters
    • TC Torque Control Adapters
  • Accessories
    • HSK Coolant Tubes
    • Locking Fixtures
    • Retention Knobs
    • Rotary Wipers
    • Shrink Fit Machines
    • Nuts, Wrenches, & Torque