Carbide Grit Bandsaw Blades

RemGrit Carbide Grit Edge Bandsaw BladesBlades are available in coils or welded to length in lengths from 5' to 30'.
Blades are available in continuous and gulleted grit edge.
  • Tungsten carbide grit particle cutting edge
  • Tungsten carbide grit metallurgically bonded to tough alloy steel back
  • Greater life and cutting performance in tough, hard, and abrasive materials
  • Reversability extends cutting life up to 25%
  • Extremely high heat and wear resistance
  • Extremely durable cutting edge
  • No teeth to snag or strip
  • Recommended for use in super alloys, fiberglass, honeycomb, foamed glass, hardened steel, graphite composites, and other composite materials
  • Use in piping applications