Split Point vs. Traditional Point

The right drill bit can help you work smarter & faster, and even save you money — if you know which features to look for.

split point vs. traditional pointIf you're drilling by hand, choose a drill with a split point: it drills on contact. You'll get a faster start and there's no walking. And you're less likely to need a center punch to get started, thanks to the split point's four cutting edges. Those extra edges cause the split point to drill rounder holes faster, while generating less heat with less force. That means you're working faster and getting more holes per charge with your cordless drill. The split point tool is versatile: it also performs well in presses, CNC machines, and more.

The heavy duty construction of split point drill bits make them a great choice when you work with hard materials like cast iron, stainless steel and alloy steels.

You can expect a longer life from heavy duty split point drill, with fewer broken bits.