Advantages of TiN Coated Thread Plug Gages

When are TiN coated gages recommended?

  1. Where the product material is abrasive causing excessive wear on the gage or any high volume application where there is continuous or frequent usage. The extra hard surface and lubricity of TiN coating greatly extend the wear life. This also permits longer frequencies between recalibration. The gold color serves as a wear indicator. When the gold is worn off, the gage is undersize.
  2. Due to its inert, hard characteristics, TiN coating provides a high resistance to corrosion making it ideal when humidity and other atmospheric conditions create corrosion problems.
  3. When gaging certain soft materials or plated product threads that tend to "load up" on the flanks of steel gage-- the lubricity properties of TiN greatly aid in preventing this buildup.

Why is TiN better than Chrome?

  1. TiN is harder than Chrome, therefore more wear resistant.
  2. TiN provides better lubricity than Chrome, thus cutting down wear and galling.
  3. TiN is a more uniform coating than chrome, eliminating possible uneven buildup on the gage flanks.
  4. TiN does not gall in aerospace type material.
  5. TiN coated gages outlasted chrome gages as much as 3 to 8 times.