Tool Holding

Techniks is a lot more than just another tooling supplier. The only reason they exist is to develop innovative systems that:

  • Increase holding power and reduce T.I.R.
  • Improve manufacturing quality and productivity
  • Extend perishable tool life and increase profitability

Everyone at Techniks is on a mission to improve the productivity of your CNC machines and increase your net profit. They are proud of the fact that since 1966 they have provided the highest quality, most reliable products available. Products their customers depend on each and every day.

Their products are tested in their quality lab and many come with an individual quality report. All their products are proven over time to be top performers that make CNC machines run better— and save money on perishable tooling by increasing tool life.

They're true specialists in high-speed tool holding for CNC machining centers and CNC routers. Contact us so we can help you choose the right Techniks tool holders and accessories for all your applications.

BUILT FOR SPEED. More than just a motto, built for speed means they do it fast. Fast in performance, fast in service, and fast in delivery.