Metal Removal

Metal Removal is part of the Widia family of quality products.

Metal Removal has made a commitment to be the world leader as a manufacturer of superior carbide cutting tools. This commitment revolves around three fundamental principles:


Quality begins with selection of raw material. Metal Removal is one of a few solid carbide cutting tools lines that manufactures its own raw material. This provides them with complete control over product quality. From initial powder processing, through precision CNC grinding methods, and all the way through final inspection of the finished product, Metal Removal utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and methods to insure you get the highest quality products available.


As a manufacturer of their own raw material, Metal Removal is on the cutting edge of carbide technology. This enables them to develop new grade formulations for our standard products as well as development of specific grades for specific applications. They have their own in-house machining laboratory used for continual monitoring of their products' performance, in addition to evaluation and development of new and improved cutting tools designs and materials.


Metal Removal's extensive field sales support is provided to help you with assistance on your tooling requirements. They also have a technical service department at their home office that is yours to utilize for consultation on your specific tooling applications or questions.